🍀 Improve memory
Research published recently on WashingtonPost shows that people who regularly eat chocolate have better memory and thinking.
👉 A 2013 study by Harvard University (USA) also found that drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate increased blood flow to the brain within 2-3 hours. Thereby, improving test scores and memory speed up to 30%.
🍀🍀 Enhance eyesight
👉 Researchers at the University of Reading (UK) have examined the eyesight of 30 people before and after eating chocolate a few hours. Participants who ate dark chocolate had better vision test results than themselves before eating. 🤓 Scientists explain that dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, increasing blood flow to the brain and to the retina of the eye.
👉 In addition to flavanols, chocolate also contains vitamins A, B2 and copper minerals that help enhance eyesight and protect children from future eye diseases such as cataracts, retinal degeneration … 🤩
🍀🍀 Energy Supply 🍀
👉 Chocolate is a rich source of protein and vitamins, supplementing energy for the body. So when the baby’s stomach “demonstrates” because of hunger 😫, a dark chocolate bar is a simple snack for the baby to recharge immediately.
🍀🍀 Support for bones🍀🍀
Chocolate contains vitamin D and calcium to help support strong bones, develop height, and meet the needs of growth with age.
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