Brand Introduction

Vietnamcacao Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, leading in manufacturing, supplying and distributing cocoa products in Vietnam. Our goal is always to focus on the health and welfare of consumers, we constantly research and launch many lines of cocoa delicious and meet the nutritional needs of all customers.

Vinacacao or Vietnamcacao are registered trademarks of Vietnam Cacao Joint Stock Company. We have picked the symbol “Ek Chuah”, the Mayan God over 2000 years, is also God of trade. It has been a symbol of cocoa, whose scientific name is Theobroma, meaning “Food of the Gods” in Greek.
Slogan of Vinacacao is “mật của đất”. This slogan was created by Vinacacao’s Chairman – Mr. Tran Van Lieng when he had a bussiness trip in Arabian. He shared that this slogan based on the phrase “mật của cát” when people here talk about their trees. Cocoa has seven colors from light brown to dark brown, very similar to the color of the land, the land is “Mother”, which produces endless food source for life on earth. And “mật của đất” came from that.