Profile Company

Profile Company

  Vietnam Cacao JS Corporation (Vietnamcacao – Vinacacao) was founded in 2007. There is a leading company in manufacturing cocoa products in Vietnam. Response to the Government’s and MARD’s call to mark Vietnam as one of cocoa producers in the world cocoa map, develop its potentials into the most beneficial cocoa industry for the growers.
  Today, Vietnamcacao has been leading in this novice industry, lauching a large variety of branded finished products of cocoa and cocoa-based for domestic and export markets. Its unique products and brand are well designed and extensively formulated for improving the Vietnamese physical build and brain power making use of ample natural nutrient properties of cocoa in combination with proven German technology for the healthy sake of millions of kids across the country.
company profile

company profile

Introduce about CEO

Trần Văn Liêng - Chủ tịch Vinacacao

Mr Fancesco Lieng Tran – CEO Vinacacao

  He started up Vietnamcocoa in 2007 after experiencing several international positions in co-operations and businesses in agricultural sector by Ministry of Agriculture Vietnam.
  He was CEO of American Rice – Vinafood, which was the most distinguished joint venture between USA and Vietnam in 1996. He had gotten the youngest management award of the Mekong Delta Region before he joined financial investment sector in 2002 as Director of Prudential Fund Management.
  He has over 15 years of experience in the food processing industry and 05 years in finance field, which contributes significantly and tremendously  to the current success of Vietnam Cocoa Joint Stock Corporation.
    He owned University degrees in International Trade, Bachelor of  Arts, International Grain Marketing (Canada).
    He has made great contributions to the development of VietnamCacao since it’s established until now.
    In addition to his business activities, he also contributed to social programs that contributed to the community, such as:
  • Recruiting & training blind people working in the customer care department
  • He is the initiator and sponsor of “Rookie Marketing”
  • “Cacao Trace” – The program contributes to improve the lives of cocoa farmers in Vietnam. Thanks to that, it helps protect and develop cocoa industry in Vietnam
  • He is a passionate football player, he also was nominated for the position of vice president of finance VFF VIII, with the theme of “Soccer 4.0” – with the desire to bring a new breeze. water home.


    “Vinacacao aims to echieve the leading position of healthy Cocoa and Cocoa Based food and beverage provider in Vietnam and over the world. ”


  • To benefit the Cocoa growers and their community in Vietnam;
  • To be the “long arm” of Government’s Cocoa development programs;
  • To care for the health benefits of families and their children;
  • To play a vital role in building Vietnam’s Cocoa industry;
  • To create profit and capital growth for the shareholders.

Company history

  • 2007 Vietnam Cocoa JS Corporation (Vietnamcocoa) was founded
  • 2009 “Gold Award –Prestige brand quality” – Ministry Science & Technology
  • 2010 Top 20 “Golden Product of Integration” – National Office of Intellectual Property Award
  • 2012 – 2018  Recognized “Vietnamese high-quality goods” – By Customers Vote
  • 2014 Recognized  “ASEAN Excellent Enterprise & Businessman” – By The Organzing Committee of ASEAN Communication Program

Quality Policy

The core values for the development of the Vinacacao is quality products. We have the professional staff, modern process of production, storage system standards, we are committed to bring customers the best products, the most nutritious from Cocoa.
“Customers is the God” – We are interested in the opinions of customers, always receive comments from customers to constantly improve the quality of products. Bring customers the best products we have.

Distribution network

Currently, Vinacacao’s products are present in most of Coop-Mart, Big C and Metro supermarkets. In addition, Vinacacao’s products are widely distributed in markets, shops and agents throughout the country.
So far, Vinacacao’s products have been exported to many countries in the world, such as the US, Korea and Malaysia.

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